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Q. Why do I have to leave my email address and receive the listings by email? Why can’t I just see the information right now from this site?

A. Because the listings you are receiving are not available to the general public through any public access system. You are no longer getting type information. You are getting the actual MLS listings directly from the different real estate boards MLS systems. [Listings come straight from the Oakville/Milton District Real Estate Board (OMDREB), the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and the Realtors Association of Hamilton and Burlington (RAHB)] The general public cannot access this information through any public access search.

Q. Why do you need my name and my address?

A. The neighbourhood watch feature is sending you everything that is FOR SALE, and that SELLS, within a 600 meter radius of your home. Your address serves as the centre point for the search.

Your name is required because this system is sending you listings, and SOLD price information that can only be made available to you, because you have requested it. The general public is not allowed to access the real MLS system and search it themselves. With neighbourhood watch, you are requesting information, and as an Oakville Real Estate Agent, Ryan is able to provide it to you as per your request.

Q. I often feel that if I leave my email address somewhere, I will start getting more spam, or junk mail that I don’t want. Will this happen?

A. No. This websites privacy policy is that any information you choose to leave on this site (name, email address, etc.) will never be shared, sold, or used for any purpose other than providing the specific information that you have requested. You will never receive any unrequested emails, spam, or any other unwanted solicitations.

Q. I really don’t have any plans on moving but I like this idea, and I do want to get the information. If I fill out this form is Ryan going to start bugging me? Or sending me stuff I don’t want? Or calling me?

A. Nope. He will simply send you what you have asked for. That’s it. No catch. No strings attached.

Q. If there’s no catch, and Ryan won’t try to solicit business from me, then why is he willing to provide this service?

A. Ryan is an Oakville Real Estate agent with Re/Max that has an extensive knowledge of Milton, Burlington and Oakville Real Estate, and he has been in the business for 16 years.  In that time, he has learned that providing a wide range of quality services will ultimately help him to expand his business.  While he will not contact you, it is his hope that if for any reason you ever do decide that you would like to speak to an Oakville Real Estate agent, that you may consider contacting him. That’s all.