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There are many reputable moving companies throughout the GTA and in working in the 'Oakville real estate' market, but it is important to exercise some caution when choosing a mover.

Nowhere is there is a stronger case for “Buyer Beware” than in the moving industry.

In a statement released today, the Canadian Association of Movers cautioned consumers against “"rogue" movers” and offers tips on “moving to protect them from over-charging, broken promises and unfair practices.”

In anticipation of the onset of the busy season in moving and in Real Estate, the Canadian Association of Movers is doing a bit of a pre-emptive strike of sorts, bringing to consumers’ attention the existence of unethical moving companies, and are giving consumers tools they need to arm themselves.

According to the Canadian Association of Movers, 60% of all moves take place between June and September, and as such, many of the “better” companies are starting to fill up.

Knowing this, apparently some of the companies- who do not have as solid reputations, take advantage of consumers who may be either desperate, ill-informed or both.

In fact, as the Association warns, there are companies who prey upon the unsuspecting as part of their business strategy, and urges consumers invest time doing due diligence to determine exactly who they are dealing with before they invest their money.

“Unfortunately, some less reputable companies take advantage of consumers by offering cut-rate prices, making unrealistic promises, inflating the price on moving day and holding the household possessions for ransom. There are also individuals who set themselves up as move brokers for the busy season and trawl for customers online or through other forms of advertising. They have no trucks, manpower, offices, warehouses or insurance coverage. Instead, they simply find customers, and then broker the business out to anyone who is willing to accept the order. They take no responsibility for the level of service delivered. If you are shopping online, you could be dealing with a broker in The Netherlands, “the Association said.

Also, they urge consumers to go through their own checklist, to make sure that prospective moving companies do in fact have the resources- and remind them of the fact that they are entrusting their most valuable possessions to their chosen moving company.

They list the following as red flags: movers with a cell phone number only and no physical address, movers who only accept cash or don't pay tax, or movers who refuse to do a visual survey.

The Association urges for common sense to prevail for consumers as well.  It is time to advise your buyer clients that chances are, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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