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The 'Oakville Real Estate' market will soon have a new French Catholic High School to offer to its residents.

NORTH OAKVILLE TODAY -  Bienvenue à la nouvelle école secondaire.

Southern Ontario’s French Catholic school board, Conseil scolaire de district Catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS), announced Monday that they are planning to build a new high school in North Oakville.

The board said they recently acquired a plot of land, at 2480 Dundas Street West, the proposed home of the school, located on the south side of the street to the east of Bronte Road.

The property is located in the future development of “Millstone in the Park” by Fernbrook Homes, Menkes Developments.

“The only existing French Catholic high school in the area is in Mississauga and it’s already full,” said CSDCCS Director of Education Réjean Sirois. “There are six or seven portables on that site. This area is growing and booming and there is a need for another school to serve the students from Halton.”

The new school is designed to house approximately 450 students and will draw the students from the CSDCCS’s French Catholic elementary schools in the region. Burlington, Oakville, Georgetown and Milton are each home to one OSDCCS elementary school.

The language of communication at the new high school will be French and all courses, except English classes, will be taught in French.

In January 2009, the Ministry of Education announced funding for CSDCCS to build a new French-language Catholic secondary school in Halton Region under its Growth Boards Capital Program.

The design of the new Oakville French Catholic high school is a carbon copy of a school the CSDCCS recently built and opened in Welland.

“It’s a repeat design,” said Sirois. “We are very pleased with the way the school in Welland turned out. Also, the experience we gained in Welland will allow us to save time and money by knowing what to expect.”

Sirois said that the board hopes to have the Oakville school up and running by September 2012 but he admitted that timeline might be optimistic.

The board is still in the process of obtaining the proper permits from the Town and they also have yet to issue the Request for Proposal essential to choosing a contractor.

The board indicated that once the permits are granted and construction begins, the school could be erected in 12 to 18 months.

The CSDCCS serves over 13,600 students in its 41 elementary schools and eight secondary schools. The CSDCCS covers a 41,000 square km area, from the Niagara Peninsula to Peterborough and from Lake Ontario (Toronto) to Georgian Bay.

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